We are looking to investor in call center business. You can have your own running call center making you good money for you.
You invest and we will take care of all the things i.e. being required to run your call center business.


Our role :

  1. Documentation (Company formation, Licenses, etc.)
  2. Call Center setup or you can take on rent
  3. Project signup with direct client
  4. Resources (Server, Dialer, Toll free, VOIP, etc.)
  5. Manpower hiring
  6. Training and going live


How to join hands with KATIE Contact Center

1. There are 3 ways you can involve us in your business. You can choose either of them.

  1. Joint Venture your share less 49%
  2. Royalty
  3. Partnering in our company more 50 %


2. Once you have joined us by any of the above method, we can together finalize the following things:

  • Location in Russia where to open the center
  • Number of seats to start with at least 100+
  • Which project we can run
  • Investment budget required


3. Then you need to invest part by part till your call center is ready and live.


How to get process/projects to run in contact centers?

This is simple. There are many companies who want to sell their products or services. And also there are companies who need call centers to handle their inbound calls of their customers/clients. We have some of their contacts and we can find more through our network.