Medical care

Do you have the clients from Russia?
Do you want to develop this direction?

There are two ways — to create a call center with Russian employees who will be involved in the promotion of services and customer search, or go to the Katie calls’ professionals. And the second option proves to be more efficient and less expensive. We know very well how to attract customers, how to work with them, what we need to find new visitors, how to move your health care facility, and how to get around your competitors.
A hot line so the patients can call for help at any time, so that no phone calls are skipped.
Processing of applications are on Russian language.

Call the customers who should be told about the new services, remind you of the visit, and report the new opportunity to go through the survey. Telemarketing will also help you get feedback from customers about the services they have already received.
Customers can also be informed by sending messages, both voice and text.

Update existing customer base, return customers.
The professional interpreter will translate all customer calls into English or Chinese. Your answers will then be translated into Russian and communicated to the client in any way he likes. Reporting will be the same in your language.

Our remote contact center will be your point of departure, where professionals will actively work to improve your image. Customer trust, gratitude to cured patients, highest level of service-what else does it take for a health institution to actively develop and treat competitors!