We offer the following services to international communication providers:

Connect the 8-800 multi-channel number. The most popular way to communicate quality with customers and users.
Technical support. We can provide you with an effective system for receiving and processing connection requests, complaints of quality, and promptly reporting all issues. You will be able to "keep your hand on your pulse" and get new users.

Updating the database. We'll make it easy for you to have real, updated information.
Active sales, telemarketing. We'll help you find new customers, get extra income.
The professional interpreter will translate all customer calls into English or Chinese. Your answers will then be translated into Russian and communicated to the client in any way he likes. Reporting will be the same in your language.

Working with the KATIE call center, you get a team of professionals who will work on the positive image of your company. Develop business easily, quickly in Russia!