If your sales department stagnates and deliverables are stalled for several months you should check your sales’ work! But your quality control system might fail. That’s why we recommend to trust this objective to the remote call center Katie professionals.

Working protocol:

  • We discuss the problem, you tell about your desires, you sign the contract.
  • Then we conduct the primary audit.
  • We listen to your sales-customer communications. We use the most advanced technical aids.
  • We can listen up to 300 minutes of recorded speech at a time.
  • We draw the most detailed report.
  • We provide recommendations to solve the identified mistakes.

As a result, if you follow our recommendations you’ll see your revenues growth by the end of the month! With the call center Katie you’ll identify most trustful employees, save hours of your valuable time which you can devote to business development.
We promise you your sales will shoot up by 30%!


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