The service quality control is a critical aspect of a successful business. You want to be sure your staff do a quality job! But in most cases the unbiased service quality evaluation could be quite tricky. The Remote Call Center Katie is ready to help you out and offers the Secret Shopper service.

That is the most unbiased method which, by the way, can be effectively used for competitive intelligence letting you know how your competitors do their business. It is also possible to check the work of your remote branches and divisions whose employees might work at reduced capacity being located far from the management.
The Secret Shopper will help you evaluate the overall effectiveness of your marketing activities, check the staff fulfillment of the procedures and regulations.

We promise our inspection will be really fair and unbiased and our Call Operator as a shopper will remains to verify quality and mistakes. You’ll understand your staff work in full, define the problem and will be able to raise the client service quality. And this is dramatically important for your business development!


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