If you start business in Russia or have the running business you need an outsourced call center. What the outsourced calls management services are:

  • The Hot Line
  • The Information line
  • The Inquiries Management department
  • Russian phone number

All the incoming calls your employees should have taken come to us and our highly-trained Russian-speakingCall Operators deal with them. You line have cooled down but no client’s call is missed.

When you start working with us your benefits will be:

  • No more unhappy clients grumbling about nobody attending their calls
  • You will precisely understand you clients queries and reply them in Russian as if Russian is your mother tongue.
  • All calls are taken non-stop 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Minimum “on hold” time, calls are immediately diverted to the Call Center where our trained professional provides the detailed consultation.
  • Savings on the personnel, office space and telecommunication equipment
  • Most detailed reports, all calls recorded
  • And the most important: the Call Center services help you increase the return customers number, be aware of the current situation, immediately address the incoming inquiries and loose no information.
  • Reports in English and Chinese.


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