The Professional Call Center Katie will help you bring your business to the new level and accomplish your operative and strategic objectives fast, precisely and at reduced cost. The Hot Line service is highly popular with our Call Center clients. Our professionals will process the calls and queries through the messengers and our translator will translate them.

The Hot Line will raise the trust level of your clients to your company and the overall feedback effectiveness. Especially when involved the professional Call Center which have raised its services on the unprecedented level! How it works:

  • The Call Center creates the Hot Line for you which works 24/7/365.
  • As a result you don’t miss any calls. All inquiries, complains and comments are immediately passed to your dedicated staff. And of course it’s always possible to divert a call if the caller insists on talking to the company professional or manager.
  • You control the process. The reports are provided on the regularly basis. Before the start you can check the questions list our Russian-speakingCall Operators should answer and finalize the template for the important answers.

As a result the remote Call Center services will help you become closer to your potential clients, successfully market your product and be constantly on-line. The business runs, the cash flows and the Call Center services cost little. That’s how the Call Center Katie works opening the new horizons for you.


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