We’d like to tell you in details how the calls and inquiries management by the Russian-speaking operators is organized:

  • Before the implementation of a new project the Call Operators undergo the compulsory training helping them understand your products and services better and provide the Phone Consulting. Your regular employee lacking special skills can not provide the phone consultation like the Call Center professional.
  • Our professional interpreter will translate all the clients’ queries into English or Chinese. After that your replies will be translated into Russian and delivered to your client by any convenient means.
  • All the organizational problems lay on us.
  • You will save on the additional employees, office rent and telecommunication equipment.
  • Unlike the ordinary office the Call Center works 24/7.
  • We provide the working reports on the regularly basis and keep all the statistics on incoming calls. All inquiries data is provided to the right person/department in time.
  • All calls are being recorded.

The Call Center is the modern way to do business which relieves you from many problems and lets you focus on the most important activities. You can contact our Call Center professionals to get information on our current pricing. Work with the best, work with our Call Center!


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