We are the best Call Center managing the incoming calls based on the experience and professionalism. Our Call Center pricing policy is very affordable. When you start working with us you will save on the office space rent and additional staff. Besides, you will get the following benefits:

  • Your clients will be always in contact with you
  • Our professional interpreter will translate all the clients’ queries into English or Chinese. After that your replies will be translated into Russian and delivered to your client by any convenient means.
  • After receiving the detailed consultation your potential client will be happy to work with you in the future
  • You can focus on the current orders processing which number will rise sharply
  • The Call Operators’ consultations enhanced with the detailed information on your products and services will be provided on the highest level possible
  • And, of course, you can control our work receiving the calls records. Reports in English and Chinese.

Outsource the work which takes lots of attention, wastes the time of your personnel and blocks your way up! Just let the remote Call Center professionals to take calls, receive the inquiries and consult your clients. The excellent result with minimum cost, active business growth and profit increase - that’s what the work with the Call Center Katie will deliver!


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